A Mind Distracted with Distractions

The mind is hard to control; it only seems to stray; From one thought to the next, it only wants to play
Distractions are like monkeys, dancing/playing in your mind They’re hard to silence, hard to block, hard to leave behind
Our mind can hold focus, just as long as we can try But in seconds can lose it all, leaving us wondering why;
Our mind is like a puppy – a puppy sniffling here and there. Who doesn't even question, if anything is even fair.
Distractions are so frustrating; they change by the hour, When you think you have it in control, you realise you lost power!
But, when they get so luring, and they pull you like a light So, don't be afraid to face them, don't even try to fight.



An Ambivalent Journey as a Writer

Growing up, as an introvert can be a disadvantage in many ways but at the same time has helped shape my career. After all, it was poetry that kick-started my journey in the written word. It was the only way that I was able to channelize my emotions and express them. This was the starting point of my poetic journey. The first time I ever wrote a poem was when I was in 9th standard and it was for a competition. I remember how it meant so much for me at that time that I do something with my life. Of course it was just an online competition, so I began to write and within no time had my submission sent in. It was only later on that I got to know that this poem had been selected in an international poetry contest where I came as a semi-finalist. This was in 2002.
A morbid poem, most of my poems had themes of recluse, loneliness and dark thoughts; but that’s what triggered my writing in the first place. For without any deep emotion I wouldn't have been able to write anything at all. Afte…

When Emotions Explode

When emotions take the better of you Where are you supposed to run?
How can you hide, when there are no more walls? To escape from, to lie low, to withdraw from everyone
Who do you turn to when you break down and fall? Are your tears important to anyone at all?
Anger, hatred, sorrow, jealousy and joy Emotions, so transient- they’re hard to employ.
When emotions take the better of you, Whom do you even trust?
Faith and belief in others can be a delusion  That can take you in circles – around and around, until you find yourself losing focus 
That's when you know you got to pick yourself up,  There’s plenty to change – if only you notice!

Tips to Reduce Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels  (also known as hypercholesterolemia) are known to be common problems with age and are one of the major reasons for causing health problems such as strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. High levels in the body can severely damage organs in the body.
Food choices, exercise and even weight control are some ways by which you can lower your cholesterol levels. There are also medications that can be prescribed to help lower your cholesterol levels, but such a solution should be your last resort! 

This is because these medications will upset the body’s natural coping style which may lead to future health problems. Some of the safe ways by which you can lower your cholesterol levels include:  
1)Consume ‘heart-healthy’ foods! Heart-healthy foods that are rich in nutrients, fibres and healthy fats. In short, they promote good health for your heart. It is important to follow a balanced diet that has plenty of whole grains, nuts, vegetables and legumes.

High-calorie foods, nu…

Difference between Cholesterol & Triglycerides

Fats, aren’t they public enemy number one? What are they exactly?

For many, many years fats have been believed to be the reason for weight gain, clogging up of blood vessels, increasing your risk at diseases such as breast or bowl cancer or even heart ailments. However, this is not the entire truth, is it?
Fats are complex and they are one of the three main macronutrients; along with proteins and carbohydrates that are required for your diet. However, not all fats are the same and have a negative effect on your health. Your body does require a certain amount of fats in the body to function.
Two of the most commonly associated terms that have been associated with fats are Cholesterol & Triglycerides. Are these two the same and what is the main difference between them? While both are fatty substances (lipids) that are present in our bloodstream, triglycerides are the fats whereas cholesterol is NOT.
Triglycerides are the subgroup o f lipids and are the main constituent of body fat. …