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Life is just like quicksand..... Whatever you have, whoever you's so temporary... so unreal.... things have to dissolve, and your left to move on. Whoever said something can last forever. the only real, true aspect of life is change. it's permanent.. No one can prevent change. Life has been like a gettaway.. a gettaway from whom i don't know yet.. maybe myself. maybe to change and adjust to new situations ... to new people and to new lifestyles... i often wonder what its like if i just stood silent for one day. no one would notice.. no one can "actually" care... we all have to do something with this life, we have with us... we can't stop the clock...we can't rewind... there will be an end... like waves crash and pull back the sand.. the same way change pulls us back and forth and we have to move with it. we are not constant..... its only our attitude, our hope- the belief that we hold onto to make the best of ourselves while we're here...

Journey Home

Living life alone, having no one beside you-
To face life’s dangers and still be brave to recover….
Some of us are oblivious to what happens in our country on a regular basis;
Not just in one city or two, but all over the country.
Women face problems in all parts of the country and this is not even based on the fact that one is richer or poorer than the other.
Eve teasing is faced by almost every woman in the country.
Mockery is faced by every woman in some form or the other.
It’s a sad fact that most of the women in our country are looked at with eyes of disdain and contempt, and the government is doing little about it!
From leering to ogling, glaring to whistling women face mockery in some form or the other.
A woman cannot walk safely down a lane in today’s time without having a man turn his head around;
or whistle, stare or pass a comment.
Women have been facing this issue for more than decades.
Yet, as our society progresses with new developments and gadgets people are becoming more and more …

Mumbai Marathon

Was it the spirit or the enthusiasm of the people living in this city that started the marathon in 2003?
The Mumbai Marathon is one of the world’s greatest races on earth or rather under the category of the fourth internationally recognized marathons. It is not an event confined to the Mumbaiker’s only… but also an attraction to some of the world’s best athletes coming from places like Africa, Europe, etc.

It is awarded the Silver label which means that has a minimum of five elite athletes and who have recorded timings below 2:12 for men and before 2:32 for women. It also takes into consideration stringent details regarding the conduct of the marathon that should measure up to the best events in the world. It is one of the largest charity events in Asia, helping NGO’s across the nation.
This race is a much awaited for event in the city, and banners, posters, placards are put up all over the city to charge up the city spirits.
The Mumbai Marathon is unique in a way that its not only meant …