Monday, 22 September 2008

I come back home and think I’m safe….but minutes later I feel trapped. There is no escape from reality... no place to safely place your head down to sleep. It’s a cruel world out there…bombs, terrorism, violence taking place in different forms targeting people from all walks of life. The mind has become our worst enemy. With terror blasts taking place in major cities in our country where and how can we feel safe? Revenge, jealousy, status, distinction are all possible reasons why terrorists perform these terror acts, but who's to say.. I take a step anywhere nowadays..a walk down the lane, a hop on the local train, a visit to the local bazaar..anywhere.. but there's always this new fear within me..I can't fight that.. death is inevitable and we all have to face it one day but now its not only just by murder, or natural causes but its by terrorism- the new enemy of our society.