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Melting Down…..

The current economic meltdown of one of the leading industrialized nations of the world USA, has now wrapped its way around the world!

The effects of Wall Street, are not limited to New York and the US alone, but are affecting markets from corner to corner.

With drops and blows to the US Dollar, to increased fuel prices, the shaken-up US economy throws its neighbours in one of the most deadly setbacks faced in the market in a very long time.

A dark heavy cloud enwraps upon our destiny.

Reasons and explanations may be given for this; yet people cannot fathom the idea of how they suddenly were struck with unemployment- when they did nothing wrong!

Sudden loss of jobs in the economy, loss in hope and faith in people… this collapse in the economy has affected people in every aspect of their lives.

Higher fuel prices force children to walk to school, so as to save money! Studying form old textbooks, paying more for their lunch, wearing last year’s clothes all steps to save money, because of this…