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The Power of Music!

Music has the power within it to distract anyone. Most often, this distraction happens at the wrong times! Usually people listen to their i Pods, and walk mans while traveling and this is played a huge setback in their performance.
We are led into this sub-conscious state, where our level of awareness is dimmed and body reflexes act in accordance to the tune we are listening to.
This “so called” predication can be justified by the tempo of music playing in any gym. It is high paced, with allot of beats involved, so that the body is in the groove and rhythm of the workout.
All those sappy, love songs have a very good impounding effect on slowing down the energy levels in our body, keeping us in a calm and peaceful state.
Listening to music at work, a harmless act many white-collared employers engage in changes the entire mentality of writing. Instead of giving a 100% to an article being written, music I was listening to crept in and found a way to lower my concentration.