Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Next Step...

Life is all about happiness, for some relationships, others their job, yet others family or mental peace; and this can go on and on and on...

But, the truth is that life is all about striking a right balance between all of these elements. The toughest thing about this, is when any one of these elements gets disturbed or broken.

Starting all over again could require allot of courage, determination, inner strength and allot of optimism- a trait very hard to show time again and again.

Stability is the key word here and this is essential for any person to be peaceful with oneself.

Working in the corporate world or anywhere for that matter leaves you no escape from running risk to instability. Its a dog eat dog world, and every single person is struggling and trying to make their own place in this world. Having worked for over 2 and half years I have understood and seen that no one 'actually' cares for the success or happiness of the other. After-all this is no 'altruistic' world!

Everyone, inclusive of me are climbing this ladder, this ladder of success, where competitors are just all around ready to pounce upon you if given an opportunity.

I've been in three different jobs since my graduation, the longest was one year but my recent job was the one I most enjoyed and it wasn't even my fault I couldn't continue!

It can get very self-defeating, especially when you put in all your energy and hard work in a job, and you can't continue it.

The whole thought of just starting afresh, adopting to a new schedule and system scares me a bit, but I DON'T have a choice.

I have to graciously move forward in life and take a new step to a brighter future with optimism and positivity that I shall gain stability.