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Can Facebook replace traditional business websites?

With digital penetration on a high all over the world, social media sites and trends have paved way for not only personal branding but also for companies and businesses to turn to this platform to reach out to customers. This use of ‘web-based’ and ‘mobile technologies’ in order to turn communication into an interactive dialogue has taken form through various tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, Foursquare- to name some of the most popular social media networking sites. These social networking sites are now NOT ONLY a means to reach out and connect with friends and relatives, but also a potential way to advertise and promote small/large businesses. It is an excellent solution for money-making and is currently a very important source for sharing and transmitting information. So the question that may arise is whether Facebook can work as a potential ‘STAND-ALONE’ Web Presence for entrepreneurs and small businesses across the world. 

Most potential businesses and c…