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Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement

Social Media basically refers to the usage of web-based and mobile technologies to convert communication into an interactive dialogue between users online or between the consumer and the company/brand.
It can take different forms such as through magazines, Internet forums, web blogs , micro blogging, wikis, podcasts, photographs or pictures, video, rating and social bookmarking. ‘Social Media Marketing’ basically is ‘the interactive dialogue’ between customers and brands, whereby they can directly communicate with each other. This ‘new-age’ technology has grown by leaps and bounds over a mere span of a few years and has broken most barriers of communication making the world a much more global one whereby any company/person can connect with another via social media sites.  With technological advancements and the Smartphone Revolution people have become internet savvy, and it has empowered them to not only create, participate, and share content on the Web but also to have meaningful con…

Combining SEO & SMO to optimise your website

In the web-dominated world that we live in, creating and maintaining a website for your business/company is an essential requirement for your business to grow. With the increasing usage and need for the internet, people spend a lot more time ‘ONLINE’ reading about business’s, companies, news, fashion, music, etc, rather than reading in the traditional style- newspapers, book, magazines, etc. Having a website for your company/business is the most effective way of reaching out to your consumers. Traditional forms of finding information online involves searching for information using various different search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing,  a practice called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It includes making sure that your website gets better rankings  while being searched in the different search engines, and appears above others. Social Media Optimisation (SMO), the new method of gaining online publicity includes using various social media networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, T…

How does Content Curation Work ?

Day by day, online platforms are embracing social media in every possible way that they can, be it Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or any other social networking site. This is extremely important for every business in today’s digitised time. The need for relevant and good content has been, and will continue to remain, the most integral aspect for any business. So what is the basic difference between ‘content’ and ‘content curation’? What are the different tools that can be used for curating content across the web?

While content simply refers to information or ‘data’ which holds some relevance to a certain topic, it can be expressed through any medium, be it the internet, audio CD’s, television, stage performances, magazines, etc. In short, colloquially, one can refer to ‘content’ as the subject matter of the medium. On the other hand, content curation refers to the process of collecting, organising and presenting data/information, which is relevant to a particular topic/area of interest. Th…