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Business Manifesto …..Increasing the Equality between different Segments of Society

Are you one of those employees who sit in your office; sweat, work and then find out that you have very little to gain from doing your work successfully? In short the fruits of the task that you do are enjoyed by senior employees. You thus remain at the lower end of the economic ladder in terms of reaping the economic benefits that are due to you.  
A management consultant and writer, Tarun Agarwal recently authored and released a ‘Business Manifesto’ discussing these problems. The 10-page document was released at Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education(SIMSREE) by Icon Business Forum (a collective of consultants, writers, entrepreneurs and investors). 
Millions of white-collared employees across the country face this constant sense of economic dissatisfaction, where they work long hours, but neither getting sufficient salary or job security. A stake in the company is a dream that we read about only in the papers. This dissatisfaction should be …