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Our spirituality should lie in making children well-fed instead of justifying their hunger as past-life mistake

Malnutrition, a result of a very poor diet and starvation is one of the main reasons most of the children belonging to poor households face stunted growth, health, development and survival.
Then, what are we as a nation taking so much pride for when mentioning about the story of shining India? Hunger and starvation of millions of children in the country is not something which aptly fits under this, does it!!?
While the nation continues to advance forward, making improvements in the condition of roads, rails, job opportunities and other facilities; who takes responsibility for the condition of the neglected children belonging to the invisible section of the society?
A country which is divided into rural and urban areas, many of the children belonging to small towns and villages live in areas which do not even have good quality schools and lack infrastructure. Moreover child hunger is intertwined with many socio-economic issues such as poverty, illiteracy, lack of proper sanitation, lack …

“Imagine there’s no Hunger… It’s Easy if you try”

Imagine there's no heaven. It's easy if you try.” Sounds familiar? Known by many (if not all), these lines are from the popular song, Imagine by singer, John Lennon who dreamt of a world which had no violence and lived in peace. Have you ever imagined what life would be like if there were no social evils that existed in the society? There would be no poverty, child labour or illiteracy. Wouldn’t it be a far better world to live in? While many may believe that it is a distant dream that will never come true; the truth is that the responsibility lies in our hands. We all have a duty towards the society that we live in. What if it was you who was born in an impoverished family? India is home to the largest number of poor people, where the country has one of the highest populations of children living in poverty. In addition to this, these children are known to suffer from malnourishment where the country also has one of the highest populations of malnourished children. Facts …

Let's Join Hands to Help Eliminate Classroom Hunger in India

November 14th, a day which is known across India as Children’s Day is also the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister- Jawaharlal Nehru. Chacha Nehru (Uncle Nehru) as he was fondly remembered had emphasized the importance of giving love and affection to children as he firmly believed that the youth was the future of the nation. The progress of children was deemed as essential for the growth of the nation; for which he had established many educational institutions and passed a five year plan which ensured free primary education and free meals (inclusive of milk)so as to prevent malnutrition in the country. This same belief that he held, stands true even in today’s times; as India stands out to be one the emerging economies of the world.
Also known as Bal Divas, this day is celebrated to remind people across the nation, especially parents; of the importance of children’s education and their rights. This is especially important in the context of children belonging to the under-privilege…

Content Curation: A Way to Function in a World Overloaded with Information

Day by day, online platforms are embracing social media in every possible way that they can, be it Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other social networking site. This is extremely important for every business in today’s digitised time. The need for relevant and good content has been, and will continue to remain, the most integral aspect for any business to prosper. So what is the basic difference between ‘content’ and ‘content curation’? Which are the different tools that can be used for curating content across the web? 
While content simply refers to information or ‘data’ which holds some relevance to a certain topic, content can be expressed through any medium, be it the internet, audio CD’s, television, stage performances, magazines, etc. In short, colloquially, one can refer to ‘content’ as the subject matter of the medium. On the other hand, content curation refers to the process of collection, organisation and presentation of data/information, which is relevant to a particular t…

‘Fast Food America’ turns into ‘Fast Food India’: Indians catch the fast-food craze

With a burgeoning middle class, a drastic shift in lifestyle trends and the mushrooming of entertainment complexes; fast food has become an integral part of Indian lifestyles. From teenagers to young adults, the desire and preference for fast food (quick meals, on the move) is extremely high. Isn't it easy to order-in-a-quick meal while at office or at home; or even pick something up on your way home? Speed and convenience are the two main reasons why the growing Indian urban population turns to these quick meals as solutions to satiate their hunger in-between their busy and hectic schedules.  Global fast food chains are flooding into the country, changing the entire landscape of eateries in the country. From Pizza Hut, Dominoes Pizza, Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Taco Bell; Quizno's and Nando's; the Quick-Service-Restaurants (QSR) market in India is constantly expanding to the changing times.     McDonald’s, America’s earliest fast food chains was quick to gain pop…

7 Direct Marketing Ideas Small Business Marketers can steal from Fortune 500 Companies

Are you one of those small-scale business entrepreneurs who dream of getting large-scale success that international brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, etc. have achieved? If you are then the successful methods that are used, at least at reaching out to the customers are more or less similar.
Depending on which type of product/good or service that you are selling you can choose your method accordingly. Although there are many types of reaching out to your target audience, direct marketing remains one of the most hard-hitting and effective manners where by companies can directly communicate with their customers. They can measure the feedback of their customers without an intermediary involved. This method, thus involves a direct call to action that has to be taken. It is an effective method that can be used by companies of all sizes; from start-ups to even some of the biggest leaders on the Fortune 500.��������������������������������������������������������������������������������…