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How important is the health of the businessman to ensure a healthy business?

While the gender of the businessman is often discussed, what really needs to be emphasized on is his/her health.
By Karina Pandya
“Health is wealth” is one of the most over-used statements that are emphasised in today’s times. If one has good health, half the battles in life are won. In today’s times as the number of small and large-scale entrepreneurships rise, there is a necessity to understand the important components of what helps to create a successful and thriving business.
The health of a businessman and his/her employees would naturally rank as an important factor. However, beyond that, it is also very important to know what helps a company run smoothly and successfully.
Most of the business owners play a very critical role in the day-to-day activities and operations of the business. There are few businesses that can actually afford to run themselves independently of their owners. In fact, business owners are frequently known to be the driving force behind the running of the busi…