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Authentic Italian Cuisine at FratelliFresh, Renaissance Hotel Powai

Italian food is something I just can’t resist and that’s what motivated me to go for this event at FratelliFresh, Renaissance Hotel Powai. When I heard that the chef Christain Puglisi (half Italian, half Norwegian, raised Danish chef) was Italian and was about to launch a revamped menu I knew this Italian cuisine was going to be extremely authentic!

The event, which began at 7PM sharp and went on till 10.30 had many bloggers attending the event so that they could do what their passion was and that, was blogging! Being a writer my profession and blogger as hobby, I knew I couldn't miss this opportunity! Distance didn't matter to me.
A journey, which lasted for roughly about an hour (train and auto), I reached Renaissance Hotel, Powai and quickly made my way toward FratelliFresh.
Overlooking the beautiful serene Powai Lake, FratelliFresh is quick to catch your attention with its countless number of bottles of Tuscan wine lined on the wall. As soon as you enter the restaurant you…

Everything has an Expiration Date

Everything has an expiry date
They say good things don't last forever, only memories do But how long is FOREVER, doesn't that even have an expiration date?
Even in your darkest hour when you pull out that memory from its safety place and try to remember those people, those days, those times YOU CANNOT Bring it back!
Everything in life has an expiry date, We have to realise that.
We live in this safety cocoon where we believe that NOTHING can happen to us, But the reality is that we cannot protect ourselves from everything, Everything that comes our way in life;
Because like sad times, happy times come with an expiration date And only a memory is left behind But, that memory too wont last forever, because thousands more are being made!
The only thing we can do is to live our lives with exuberance, filling it with joy. Do what we love and make our own mistakes.
Because it is our life which we have to walk alone, Our mistakes and realisation that will guide us towards wisdom
Everything has an …

A Cross Road in Life

Have you ever wondered what your doing with your life,? Like really stopped for a moment and  reflected about where you’re heading; If all the efforts that your putting in, Running from pillar to post;  meeting this deadline and the next one Is taking you anywhere? I’m sure we all have held a similar feeling  at some point of time in our lives. Is this life that we are living truly making us happy,  or are we just too busy chasing countless dreams  to even reflect back on our own wellbeing,  our own happiness? Common questions that seem to float around these days are  ‘So what are you doing with your life’ and ‘Have you been promoted’ But,  what we fail to pay attention to is how happy we are with ourselves. It all boils down to the job that we have and how much money we make, Because that's just the way it is, we are living in a rats race where the only thing that takes us forward is money! And we will go to any extent to find that job which provides that to us. However, we need balance in our lives…