Thursday, 18 August 2016

Narcissistic Injuries

How often has it happened that you've tried to live your life to please;
Someone, of course, who suffers from a twisted disease?

How often have you wanted to become a person that “THEY” wanted?
Begged for their acceptance, your own voice completely stunted?

How often have your egos been bruised and shattered?
Feelings of self-esteem and pride left torn, twisted and tattered?

Trivial as they are, they may run deep;
Narcissistic Injuries can play on your minds for years, months and weeks!

Psychic wounds left deep inside your minds
To heal against time, 

So, stand up before it gets too late;
You life has much more in store, thats held in fate

Don't let someone ever try to occupy your space,
Their values, beliefs and actions shoved in your face!

Don’t ever be afraid to stand up for who you are,
Your beautiful within, you are your own star!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mediated Reality

Everyone has been given the discretion to live his/her life the way they want to,

But how many of us fall as prisoner to norms of society or in other ways, ‘socially
acceptable standards of living’?

Our mind is perhaps the greatest gift that we have,
A gift, which can empower us or even imprison us-

Our lives are meant to be lived with purpose, keeping definitive goals in mind;
However, the negativities of the world creep up from all sides; often preventing us from reaching our potential.

Our ability to think; the powerful tool that we possess i.e. ‘thought power’ is so often underused,
Many people don't even tap into or tap ;into it' only for negative purposes.

So, what is this purpose of our lives that we seek?

Is it being successful at a job? Having a great family? Or overindulgence in worldly pleasures?
Maybe it’s all about running after wealth and money, like a rat race!

In this mediated reality that we live in, where everything is preconditioned on our mindsets- where does freedom of speech come into the picture?
Do we really have a voice of our own?

Or, is it just a replica of something that we have heard or read or seen somewhere?

Is the truth that we know of just a mirage that we seek?
Are the invalidities of life really what they are?

Purpose; purpose in life keeps us grounded.

Burning desires held within us, an ultimate goal to achieve.