Thursday, 27 April 2017


Good, better, best – we always never let it rest.
We always want the very best;
It only counts if we succeed.
Not how much we suffer or bleed.
It only matters if we get it right;
Not how much we try our might!
It’s just like a success race
Which is moving at a very quick pace
It’s growing at a tremendous speed;

Competition is in the lead!

The Divine Call

When we are young we do not realise
That some of us are not so wise.
Whoever’s born will someday die,
And no one can answer the question why.
Death is the biggest fear of all.
Each wants to avoid this diving call.
So, use every moment as a cherishable one,
Fill your life with a lot of fun,
Make today a memorable day,

Or else, you will someday have to pay!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

My choices steered my fate,
Reflections of who I am;
Uncertainty everywhere.
A prism of hope,
Luck - Oh lady luck!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Letter to the Voice in my Head

Hey little voice in my head,

I want to talk to you, yes you my dear friend! I’ve been hearing your constant chitter-chatter and wanted to tell you that I have my own voice!

You are of course my source of inner strength, you help me to overcome obstacles and give me the power of positive thinking and even self-love. Without you, I wouldn't have this much perseverance so I owe quite a lot to you, my friend.

Nonetheless I have to say that despite all of this, most of the times you tell me that I’m not good enough. This hurts! You invariably work up battles up in my head, that certain people are up against me and that I may never ever get appreciated!

Life is full of changes and I am growing every day, but you my inner voice – you’re constantly criticizing me. You are so important for my self-growth and I don't want to hate you nor do I even want to push your voice back; resist you and fight you. You are a great friend, but just take it easy on me at times; I know your harsh words help me win my inner battle.

I hope you understand me better because I really understand you. I just want you to be a bit kinder, maybe a bit softer. Maybe then we can work together better?

Thank You     

Karina Pandya

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Battle of the Mind

Trapped in confusion and trapped in insecurity – I slowly began to love myself.
“Would they talk to me?” or “Did I even cross their mind?

I felt so invisible, without their validity.
Were these tears fragments of a distant past?
One where I was beseeching for a place in a society that I hadn’t known?    

With courage, I braved this emotional suffering and pain. But, there was something missing – I didn't love myself.”

Feelings of inadequacy were always present and I couldn't understand why.
Yet, I couldn't get myself to get them to like me; or even accept me.    

Did I do anything wrong, I had no insight. But, one thing was that I just wanted them to like me.
My confidence was low and I had limited beliefs about myself.
Did this reflect in my talks, I didn't think so…

 I didn't connect with others and I knew I had this social anxiety building up inside of me.
All of this changed though; the day I began to Love myself.
I just woke up one fine day and loved myself: faults and hiccups and all that I was.

I suddenly saw myself in a new light; the only person who didn't accept me 'for me' and I was only pulling myself down
I stopped craving for a different life and being a different version of myself.

As I started to love myself,
 I began to accept that I could only be imperfectly perfect and  could just be myself!

Beauty: A Self Constructed Concept

Beauty – a concept we learn from others...
Oh how beauty runs skin deep!

They say that being attractive is important;
 But is being eye-catchy the main thing?

Or, maybe its just this two-faced society that shows that.
Am I 'fair' or am I 'dark'; Am I 'skinny' or am I 'fat'?

Can you really see beyond the size of my waist?
     Is that even part and parcel of how I taste?
Is my stomach flat enough for you?
Wait, what am I saying – there's much more too!

Where’s the love I have for myself? 
 I’m not a puppet or a mannequin.
Where others give the concept of beauty to me and I will just let them win.

Win over my belief of who I am and what I can do.
I am so much more than I knew.

So much more than what you see;

But, now I know that my love for others has to begin with me!